API: Content Delivery API
View the published or draft content by simply switching between the Deliver and Preview APIs.
Locale: U.S. English
Working with multiple languages? You can query the Content Delivery API for a specific locale.

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Content management

A basic Contentful setup consists of a client application reading content, this example app for instance, and another application that is writing content, like the Contentful web app. The client application is reading content by connecting to the Content Delivery API. The Contentful web app, on the other hand, is writing content by connecting to the Content Mangement API:

minimal contentful setup

The Contentful web app is a single page application created by Contentful and assists with common content management tasks. The Contentful web app provides:

  • An interface for editors to write content
  • An interface for developers to configure a space, model data, define roles and permissions, and set up webhook notifications

As mentioned, the Contentful web app is a client that uses the Content Management API. Therefore, you could replicate the functionality that the Contentful web app provides by making an API call. This is a powerful aspect of an API-first design because it helps you to connect Contentful to third-party systems.

Screenshot: Contentful web app
The Contentful web app is a single page application sitting on top of our Content Management API. It can be used as an interface for content writers as well as for setup tasks.
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